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Thanks for your interest in Safarian Dental Implants. Please use this form if you have any question or enquiry and we'll get back with you very soon.


Gum Surgery

San Diego Gum Surgery

Depending on the severity of gum disease, periodontists may recommend different types of gum disease treatment. In less serious cases, where the gums are not irreversible and deeply damaged by plaque and bacteria build up, cleaning by rooting and scaling or laser therapy may work. However, there are cases of periodontal disease where the bones are directly affected and tooth loss is impending, such as with severe periodontitis.

In such cases, cleaning out the bacteria may be a futile effort. Gum surgery may be necessary.

Types of Gum Surgery

There are different kinds of gum surgery, each one designed to correct damage done by severe gum disease, but also to correct for aesthetic purposes.

Pocket Reduction Surgery: Also known as Gingival Flap Surgery, pocket reduction is a procedure where the oral surgeon folds back the affected gums and removes the accumulated bacteria. Your San Diego periodontist then makes sure the gum tissue securely attaches to the tooth. Gum tissue grafting may or may not be used, depending on how much damage was incurred by the disease on the gum tissue.

Soft-Tissue Graft: This is the process of using soft tissue from anywhere in the mouth (usually gum tissue or tissue from the roof of the mouth) as a graft to attach to the receded gums due to pocket reduction, or as a main consequence of gum disease. This is also a procedure commonly used for cosmetic purposes to give the teeth a more attractive appearance.

Bone Graft: Also often referred to as regeneration procedure, bone grafting is inserting small bone grafts and membranes to (a) replace the bone lost to gum disease, and (b) make sure the gum flap pulled back for pocket reduction grows back perfectly well and snugly around the tooth.

Crown LengtheningWith crown lengthening, your San Diego periodontist corrects the overgrowth of the gum tissues that cover the teeth. While this is known as a gum disease treatment, it is also widely used as a cosmetic procedure. It corrects the overgrowth, giving the teeth a more attractive, elongated look.

Laser Gum Surgery: Compared to the usual types of gum surgeries, laser gum surgery is a minimally invasive procedure alternative to pocket reduction. Instead of using scalpels and cutting tools to remove diseased gum tissue, the procedure uses a laser. A laser is also used to measure the depth of the gum pocket, detect and remove bacteria build up, and detect afflicted gums. A laser can also be used to create blood clots under the gum tissue; the clots act as s sealant to keep the tissue attached to the teeth and allow it to heal safely and completely, not to mention more quickly as well.

Chao Pinhole Surgery Technique

At Irresistible Smiles, our very own specialist, Dr. Amita Rastogi, DMD, specializes in gum surgery using the revolutionary Chao Pinhole Surgery Technique. The Pinhole Technique is the alternative method of performing Bone and Tissue Grafts, as well as Pocket Reduction in a minimally invasive way. Instead of using scalpels, gum recession and other gum treatments are performed by creating holes using a small needle. It delivers the same result but without the pain and the sutures, and the healing time is radically faster. In the hands of one of the best periodontists in San Diego, your gum surgery via Pinhole Technique has a wonderful chance of success.

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